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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> breaking in brevard county, a dramatic rescue on the indian river. how police sprung into action. >> the rain has moved out. the cold and windy weather is moving in. that could affect a planned rocket launch at the cape later today. good morning to you, central florida. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for joining us on this finally friday. troy and amy are here while wearing red. >> it really does look nice. >> that's good to hear. >> you are not wearing sleeves out there. >> we are going to need the jacket pretty much all day today because temperatures are going to be chilly. we are at 48 in orlando. 53 in cocoa beach. as bridgett mentioned, the wind
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it is causing problems at the cape for the rocket launch. 36 is what it feels like because of the wind in ocala. leesburg feels more like 38 degrees feels like 41 in orlando. chilly air in place. it will stay that way even though we'll see sunshine mixed in with clouds. we are at 58 at noon. only warming to 61 at 4:00. expect temperatures to feel more like the 40's and 50's most of the day. coming up, we'll talk about rain chances for tomorrow. what about super bowl sunday? that in a bit. let's check on the roads with amy looking good in red this morning from the napleton traffic center. >> grab a coat, grab some scarves, whatever you need to be nice and warm. once you get rolling, we'll be fine. no accidents for right now. all the speeds coming back on the major arteries. notice everything is in green which means we are right on time
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live camera is looking nice. this happens to be the eastbound side of the roadway. cars moving away from you. again, looking fantastic. it is friday. that is your check on traffic. traffic. >> a wild scene along orange blossom trail. lot. two people were hit. deputies say one was an innocent bystander. kirsten, detectives, are they saying much about who was the shoot sner. >> bridgett, they are looking for two men who they are calling suspects and say they drove out of this parking lot. deputies are still out here. we want to give you a look at the scene. this is the restaurant where this happened. they have been talking with witnesses. they have been inside the parking lot and inside the
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they are looking for two men who they say sped off last night. they say two men were shot here in that parking lot. our cameras were rolling overnight as the ambulance drove the victims to the hospital. investigators are saying that one of those victims was arguing with the two suspects inside the restaurant. when he tried to leave, the two men ambushed and started shooting at him. witnesses we spoke with say they heard just about 20 shots go off. a lot of them were stuck inside for several hours. we know one of the victims was that man in the fight. police say the other guy shot had nothing to do with this. he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. an undercover detective was driving by and he heard the gun shots and saw the cars speeding out of the parking lot.
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victims quickly. extra deputies are on the scene several hours after this shooting happened. they are still looking for those two suspects, one man in his 20's. the other in his late 40's. we are told they haven't given up much of a description about the car they were seen driving in in. i'll send it back to you. >> also breaking overnight, there is dramatic rescue on the indian river after a couple gets trapped in their sinking houseboat. police sent out these pictures of the boat. you can see it slammed up against the sea wall. crews had to break out the windows to get to the 81-year-old man and woman inside. we are told both of them were rushed to the hospital. they are expected to be ok. in just hours, the teen accused of beating his own 21-month-old sister to death could find out adult.
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unresponsive last month after she was left in the car of her 15-year-old brother. deputies say wall intentionally hit the girl causing injuries. he is charged with second degree murder. today's hearing is set for 8:30. >> days after we told you about three credit card skimmers, police say they are finding more. the count is up to 4 in osceola county now. all the targets were at seven-11 in the kissimmee area between highway 27 and 441. this seven 11 had crews swapping out readers after skimmers were found yesterday. some customers we talk to say they are worried these criminals are getting smarter. >> people overseas who pick up these scams, i had no idea. you might stop me from coming here on a regular basis. >> a good way to know if a
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tampered with, jiggle it to see if it is loose. if you have doubts, use cash. >> in just about two and a half hours from now, crews will try to get an atlas five rocket off the ground. >> crews are concerned about the weather outside. mark lehman is live in titusville. mark, mission managers say a cold front is is causing some issues. what else are you hearing? >> we just got a weather briefing update within the last half-hour. right now, odds remain at anl 30% when it comes to the conditions we'll be seeing when that launch window opens. the main issue being the wind. you can see here behind me, we have been seeing it from time to time, looks pretty still. all of a sudden, a gust could come out of nowhere and that concern may end up scrubbing the launch. the rocket sits on the pad in a scheduled hold at this time. this is a picture of the complex, scheduled to be the first atlas launch of the year.
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the launch alliance release ed released, it will be carrying a satellite. once in orbit it will improve gps accuracy for military and civilians. the big question that remains this morning is if the rocket will actually be able to launch. a cold front rolling through has brought gusty winds and thick clouds. we are looking at winds at 15 to 20 miles an hour. that 19 minute lauvenlg window will be opening up in about two and a half hours from now. we'll be keeping an eye on things, keeping an eye on mission control. coming up at 6:30, i'll tell you about what plans are in place if that launch is scrubbed. >> that launch window opens up around 8:38. if it happens you'll see it live on news 6 and also we'll stream >> new this morning, a plan to get a shelter off the ground hit
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the volusia county council voted down a proposal to help cover operating costs on the proposed shelter. the vote comes one day after daytona city commissioner said they would put up $4 million if the county offered a similar investment. this comes after dozens of people had to be moved into temporary shelter. while the county voted against funding the shelter for now, commissioners say they'll reconsider the plan once they get new information. >> officials plan to send out letters to victims of a huge computer hack. the hack compromised social security numbers for 60,000 people. the victims include current and former students dating way back to the 80's. also current and former athletes, most from this year or last as they all have their information compromised. yesterday we found out school leaders have found out about this information since january 8. who asked why it took so long to let these victims know.
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student group or faculty group may have been breached, why oned you let them know immediately? >> we want to be sure we know who is involved. >> stafrgs set up a hotline to see if they were victims and a website designed to answer a lot of questions. we have the link on our home page, >> we are starting off chilly this morning. the cold front came through. lots of rain last night. >> the wind is making it feel cooler in spots. as mark mentioned earlier at the cape for the launch, we are watching for the winds to really kick up. they are right now at 18 miles an hour. we did see winds an hour ago at 21 miles an hour. these are sustained. we are seeing gusts even greater than that. the average sustained wind in the teens at least near 20 miles an hour. certainly a breezy start and a breezy day. 43 in ocala. it feels like 41 in orlando and
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3 at daytona beach. the actual temperature by 7:00 at the bus stop, 49. rain is not a factor. breezy cool conditions will be. we are warming to 61 at 3:00 with a mix of sun and clouds. we'll talk about rain returning for tomorrow. of course, what to expect for super bowl sunday. first, let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. >> good morning to you at home. where things are looking fine. if you are ready to get rolling out the door. drive times not going to be an issue. lake mary boulevard to colonial, 15 minutes. eastbound turnpike over to 408. traveling on the expressway, eastbound and westbound, things are running you on time. here's a live look at the beachline, not too far away. long term construction at goldenrod and so far we look great. that's your check on traffic. back to you, david and bridgett.
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of a new lawsuit. >> why a worker says he was fired because of his gun. >> enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it. >> tough words t. gloves came off at the democratic debate. we have a look back at all of the action just ahead. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of orange county after an ambush shooting sends two people to the hospital. we have an update on that story
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>> a shooting happened op orange blossom trail near oakridge road. detectives say one man got ambushed after a fight and was shot. the second victim appears to be an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> the gunmen are still opt run at this point.
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update coming up at 6:30. >> to the race for the white house. >> the democratic hopefuls took the stage for their latest debate. johnny is following the latest. >> yes. clinton and sanders touched on everything from foreign policy to wall street and even their progressive values. at times the gloves came off. >> it was the first time hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced each other one on one, sparring over progressive values. >> i don't think it was progressive to vote against the brady five times. >> in my view, it is undermining american democracy and it is allowing congress to represent wealthy campaign contributors. >> clinton is trailing the vermont senator in new hampshire. the former secretary of state said she won't give up. >> we'll work as hard as we can
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>> republican contenders have their sights set on a win in the granite state which holds a primary this tuesday. experts say a win in new hampshire is not indicative of how the rest of the country will vote but it is important. >> it serves as a signal to party officials about the first sense of what voters will do. sends a signal to potential donors about whether their money is being well invested or not. >> marco rubio is still trailing in new hampshire. but the latest poll show him in second ahead of ted cruz. >> trump will take center stage tomorrow when seven of the nine remaining contenders face off. trump says . >> a former universal orlando worker is suing the park after he was fired for having a gun in his car.
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someone broke into his car and stole his gun. he says he always kept the gun in his car. a universal spokesperson said the company doesn't speak about pending legislation. >> according to florida law, workers can keep guns in their cars at work with the exception of schools and prison. in the past, theme park reps have argued they are exempt because they run programs for school children. >> a massachusetts woman received a welcome home after completing a grueling task that took her all over the world. >> she ran seven marathons seven days on seven continents. all this happened after she said she pulled her groin in the second mile of the marathon. she became the first american woman to ever accomplish
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>> and all the frequent flier miles too. >> i want to go on vacations to some of those places. >> you miss a lot when you run. today we'll run to keep warm. whatever you can do to keep warm, come on, move. we are talking about cold air. we'll warm to 61. that will be it. most of the day feeling like the 40's and the 50's. let's get you out there and show you why. there is the front that continues to push through. the colder air, it stretches all the way up to new england, even into canada with snow. for us, the cooler air and drier air will be working in. we'll push the clouds out. still seeing clouds in prk near the cape as well as the wind that is kicking up. it will feel even cooler. we are at 41 in ocala.
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53 at cocoa beach. factor in the wind and gusting at times times. getting close to feeling like freezing. 39 in the villages and in daytona beach. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice today a gradual climb with temperatures getting up to 58 degrees at noon with breezy conditions. feeling more like the 40's and 50's all day, even though we make it up to 61 by 4:00 with a nice mix of sun and clouds. tonight, a chilly night in store, feeling like the 40's with that breeze sticking around. we'll be at 52 at 10:00. certainly chilly if you are heading out on the town on this friday night. there's the clouds and rain forecast. a few clouds moving onshore through 5:00. tomorrow, we'll pin point more rain building in.
6:18 am
few showers. only a 30% coverage. we'll see rain. it does look like most of it is first along the coast. then it moves inland and it won't be widespread. a few showers on sunday before we clear it out. 59 for the high in the villages early in the morning, in the 40's, 48 in orlando. rain on and off on saturday. on sunday. cool all weekend. look at next week, a high of 59 on wednesday. let's check on the roads now center. >> troy, thank you very much on this friday morning. your drive is off to a nice start as you get ready to join
6:19 am
this is a look over i-4 right by osceola parkway. westbound cars to the right traveling away from you. we have one report of an accident. it looks like we have a partial blockage because of a crash right at john young parkway. any delays are minimal because it is early. early. >> obviously the super bowl may be the major story this weekend. >> tomorrow night, the greenville swamp rabbits take on the solar bears. you can see the game live on our digital second channel. look for that or catch it in person for free. free. >> still ahead on this finally friday, we are hours away from a launch on the space coast. >> the conditions outside could cause problems. >> a struggling restaurant gets a boost.
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to help out.
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>> change up their menu and the look of the restaurant. >> the family finally turned the corner, i feel strong about what is happening here. when i arrived yesterday, i don't know anything about the family. i don't know anything about the business. >> the restaurant opened to a reservation only crowd as a special. the show's executive producer says the episode will air sometime in april. congratulations to them. >> we are two days away from the kickoff of super bowl 50. two days, 12 hours and four minutes. with anticipation running high,
6:22 am
have sasha pingalore give her prediction. >> are you kidding me? >> that was sasha's best attempt at her super bowl 50 pick. >> i think ping put something in that bronco bowl. don't forget to tune in sunday for the race of the century. ping and ginger at fun spot having some fun. it is all part of our super bowl special. coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp. they are each ration for the panthers or the broncos. >> coming up, a call to action over zika virus concerns? what one senator is asking the president to do to keep people safe. >> a chase takes a turn. the whole thing was caught on camera. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of orange
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two people to the hospital. we are live with the search for the suspects involved next. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central florida on air and on the news 6 app. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing
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# >> two men shot outside a restaurant. what we are learning about the suspects -- the search for suspects happening right now. >> worries and concerns over the zika virus after cases are confirmed in florida. what one senator is asking president obama to do immediately. >> all eyes on the cape as the count down clock ticks to the launch of a rocket today. the big question, will the weather cooperate? it is 6:30. thank you for waking up with us on this finally friday. >> we also have troy and amy with us this morning. >> good morning. we made it almost. >> we are very, very close. we have a couple of things on the board. i'll let you know what is going on with that. >> we were just saying, we have the issues at the coast for the launch. we have some clouds but the biggest concern, the wind. the wind is kicking up, making it feel even colder. bundle up, you'll need a coat heading out the door. likely most of the day we'll
6:27 am
the satellite and radar showing the front clearing the state of florida. as it does, behind it, winds kicking up, bringing in more cool air. cool air in store all day long, even through the weekend weekend. 53 at cocoa beach. that is cool enough to grab a jacket. factor in the wind gusting greater than 20 miles an hour. it feels like 41 in orlando. 39 dm daytona beach. some areas feel about the same as the actual temperature where there is not as much wind. it is 58 by noon. 61 at 4:00. a cool day all day long. no rain today, tomorrow we'll pinpoint some showers. we'll talk about the timing. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center wearing red for women. >> absolutely. rockinging the red this morning. here's what is going on along the roads. we have a couple of things
6:28 am
we have a partial blockage because of a crash over by oakridge by john young. not all that far away, a crash orange avenue by trade port. i-4 by ivanhoe. these are westbound cars moving away from you. the pace is picking up slowly. back to you. >> back to the breaking news from overnight, a search is on for suspects after two men are shot outside a restaurant. >> one victim was an innocent bystander at the wrong place at the wrong time. this is north of oak ridge road. that's where we find kirsten. what is the latest on the victims? >> deputies tell us two men are recovering from gunshot wounds. they are expected to be ok. deputies have been out here for hours. there is still a lot of crime tape up.
6:29 am
we have seen them in and out of the restaurant. that's where this happened in the parking lot. we have seen them taking pictures and checking out the cars still parked out there in the parking lot. our cameras were rolling as the ambulance drove both victims to the hospital. investigators say this all started inside the restaurant when one of those victims was arguing with the two suspects. when he tried to leave, two men ambushed him and started lot. there were about 50 people in the restaurant at that time. witnesses we spoke with say they heard about 20 shots go off. one of the victims was the man in the fight. police say the other man who was shot at had nothing to do with this. he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. an undercover detective was driving by the area when he heard the sound of gun shots. parking lot. was able to get help for those victims quickly.
6:30 am
here on scene. a lot of them talking with people. some of them who could not speak english. they had deputies who could speak spanish and try to get information from people who saw what happened. deputies are still looking for two men, one in his 20's, one in his 40's who say they saw speeding away. they haven't given us a description of the car. we are still looking for that. we are also trying to get a better description of the men who may be armed and dangerous. as soon as we get information, we'll post it to our website,, powered by news 6. >> also overnight, orlando police trying to figure out who shot a man at a condo complex off semoran boulevard. the gunman started shooting at the con dose after getting into a fight. several cars inside of the building were hit with bullets. the victim, a man in his 40's was taken to the hospital. >> happening today, the man considered the main suspect in the disappearance of a jacksonville toddler could enter a plea. he is expected to appear at a hearing this morning.
6:31 am
to do with lonzi barton's disappearance. a few weeks ago, police say ebblon led them to the child's remains. >> new this morning, orlando police say a burglary case here has helped solve a rape case hundreds of miles away. travis was arrested by opd after they say he broke into a business. when his d.n.a. wassed into database, it came back as a match of an unsolved rape in 2011. he is now charmed with rape, kidnapping and burglary. no word on when he'll be brought back to ohio. >> the countdown clock is tick as mission managers continue to shoot for the planned launch of the rocket. mother nature may have other plans. >> at last check, a 30% chance of good weather at launch time. mark lehman joins us live from
6:32 am
mark, for now, the launch is still a go. what is the latest? >> david, mission managers gave us an update 15 minutes ago. they are starting the fueling process. as far as the rocket is concerned, everything looks good for a launch. what could be a big problem is the weather. a cold front rolling through has brought gusty winds. you can see some of them here on the coast as the sun is rising. that is making for some unfavorable launch conditions. earlier this week, the united launch alliance released this video of the payload being loaded. it is carrying an air force gps satellite designed to improve accuracy for military and civilians. again, the big question remains on if that will even be happening this morning. winds on the coast are steady at 15 to 20 miles an hour. of course, that could change over the next two hours. for now, we are looking at a launch at 8:3. we are told if it is scrubbed
6:33 am
of course, we'll keep an eye on the conditions out here as the launch approaches. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. >> remember, that launch does happen, you can see it live on news 6 and on that lauvenlg window opens at 8:38 this morning. palm bay leaders have rejected a plan that would have created human rights laws after hundreds of people packed city council chambers for a meeting that went six and a half hours long. the mayor and three council members voted against this proposal. the ordinance would have protected members of the gay and transgender community. they say it was unnecessary because they believe the lbgt community is already protected. >> now to new worries and a call to action when it comes to the zika virus. one senator is calling on the president to do more to help stop the spread of the virus. i don't know johnny? >> reporter: bill nelson says there needs to be a highly
6:34 am
he is calling on the president handle it. in the meantime, there are worries the rain we got this week could make the problems even worse. that's why some counties like seminole county have stepped up their mosquito spraying and health workers are urging people to make sure there is no standing water around your home. breed. our state has 12 confirmed cases of the virus up from 9. it is the highest number in the country. >> we'll continue to be in constant communication with hospitals, health offices and the cdc to ensure we are prepared to prevent the spread of the virus in florida. >> almost all the case are from people who traveled to latin america where the virus has been spreading rapidly. we did reach out to theme parks here and they do say they are in constant communication with health officials to stay on top
6:35 am
>> we have all the information on look for the story in the box at the top of our home page. >> if you take a look, you'll see the news 6 team is decked out in red. there is a good reason for it. >> today is called national go red day. it is the american heart association campaign to help raise some awareness about the toll heart disease takes especially on women. the group says heart disease and stroke kill a woman every 80 seconds. many times symptoms are hard to detect, which is why it is often called the silent killer. everyone in orlando is being asked to wear red and share the picture on facebook or twitter. >> troy bridges, traffic anchor amy both wearing red as well today. >> and guess what? i just posted it on the news 6 page as well. go to the news 6 facebook page and you can see our video. it is behind the scene where we are having fun talking about go red for women. certainly a good cause. wear red today. we are talking about the wind as
6:36 am
coast where that rocket launch is going on on. the wind sustained, gusting greater than that. other areas seeing wind making it feel cooler. it is 38 in ocala. 46 at daytona beach right now. 53 at cocoa beach. it feels like 41 in orlando. look at, that feels like freezing in ocala. many areas cold to start. cold enough for a jacket most of today. here's the bus stop forecast, i'm about to tweet this out. go to twitter/troy news 6. you can share it with your friends. a windy day, warming to 61 at the bus stop, making it feel like the 40's and 50's much of the day. coming up, we'll talk about rain for tomorrow. let's check on the roads and center. >> thank you very much. home.
6:37 am
roadways. as we add more volume, doing quite well. hitting 95 in either direction, making excellent time. traveling eastbound at this point of the morning, no slowdowns. same thing westbound moving from lake mary over to colonial that way. live cameras looking fantastic. this does happen to be out on i-4 where we have a wake-up under way. these cars traveling away from you heading west this morning by lee road. still right at the speed limit. he's your check on traffic. we'll go back to you, bridgett and david. >> and it is now two days and counting until super bowl 50. >> a lot of people will be tuning in for the half time show. coming up, find out how the man at the center of it all is preparing for that performance. >> the hunt for a suspect caught on camera. a sheriff's helicopter catches one teen's attempt to hide from deputies in an unlikely place. >> crazy story there. we are conning to follow breaking news for you coming out of orange county. this is where the search is on for two men after a double
6:38 am
up next, we'll show you what detectives say happened just before all that violence. >> you are watching news 6 getting results for debury, titusville and all of central florida. on air and on the free news 6
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>> one of the victims was an innocent bystander. the other was ambushed by suspects in the parking lot. for now, investigators are searching for the gunman. kirsten is out there, she'll have a live update in 10 sglins a teenager's run from the law ends in a strange place. a helicopter captures the whole thing from above. check it out. >> two north towards 16. >> orange county deputies just put out this video from last month when they say two people took off near apopka. one of them was caught. it took a couple of minutes for the heat seeking camera to find the other guy. >> i think he might have put himself in a trash can. >> you heard right. of all places to hide, this person hid in a trash can. seconds later, deputies moved
6:42 am
and guess what? they made the arrest. that man in that can was this young man, preston. he is facing charges of resisting arrest. >> super bowl 50 is just two days, 11 hours, 44 minutes away. excitement is building. you can see the count down clock going there. we are going to see the broncos and panthers right here on news 6 sunday night. while most people will be tuning in to see the action on the field, for others, it is about the half time show. yesterday cold play sat down for a pregame interviews. they say they are excited. they have been practicing hard. they don't know much about football. >> what? >> i think we are split down the middle between those of us who know absolutely nothing about football and those of us who know almost absolutely nothing about football. i think as long as lebron james has a good game, they'll do fine. >> he is joking. news 6 has you covered, super
6:43 am
our coverage starts at 6:00 a.m. sunday, a special edition of the morning news coming your way at 8:00. they'll be doing all kinds of fun stuff as you get ready for the game. >> a florida baseball player took on quite the challenge that left his stomach packed. >> he attempted to eat a 40 ounce rib-eye and smoke rib-eye rib-eye. it was in the name of charity. he made it about halfway before putting down his fork. all the proceeds went to the friends of joshua house foundation which is a safe house for abused and neglected children. >> i have a cousin who did that in my hometown in georgia where if you eat the whole thing, it is free. he tried it. >> it looked good.
6:44 am
>> today we are going to talk about some cold air. you guys noticed it. you may want to crank up the heat. we are talking about a cold front that moved through. you can see the front pushing all the way out of florida. behind it, colder air. this stretches all the way up to canada with snow in new england. some rain in south florida. even there, beginning begin ing beginning to dry out. another blast of cold air on the way. how cold it will be through the this is the temperature out the door right now. it is 39 degrees in ocala. it is 48 in orlando. 50 at new smyrna beach. 53 at cocoa beach. you factor in the wind, coming in at nearly 20 miles an hour, gusting greater than that in most spots. feels like 41 in orlando. feels like freezing, 32 in ocala. 39 in daytona beach.
6:45 am
maybe the heavy coat for awhile. a slow warmup, even though we'll see sun mixed in with clouds. we are at 58 at noon. only getting up to 61 at 4:00. the wind kicking up, it will feel like the 40's and 50's. never really feeling like the 60's. a cool day in store. a cold night again tonight with the winds sticking around, these 50's will feel more like the 40's. at times, 30's. a cold night if you are making some evening plans. you'll need the coat. we are at 52 at 10:52. there are the clouds and rain forecast showing dry conditions for today. then a little bit of moisture working in as we head into the early morning hours tomorrow. rain chances at 30% on and off through your saturday. not a total washout. but there will be some showers to deal with. subbed morning, showers
6:46 am
just stay inside and watch. it will be a good morning to do that. 59 in sanford for the afternoon high today at 3:00. 61 in leesburg. 57 in daytona beach. early tomorrow, the 40's. 4 in daytona beach. here's the weekend in red. a high of 65 on saturday. 62 on sunday with a bit of rain early on sunday sunday. by sunday afternoon, going to friends' houses to watch the super bowl, we are looking good and dry with a high of 62. a chilly weekend. let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center. >> good morning. we are getting to that point of the morning where we have things to talk about. here's what is going on. we have a trio of accidents. a parable block only on oak ridge by young to watch out for. we have a crash reported at orange avenue by trade port
6:47 am
reports of one on reams road by center drive. i-4 starting to fill in. you can see the cars coming towards you, traveling along on the eastbound side. notice the on and off ramp getting backup. we are beginning to head into rush hour. has your check on traffic. now we'll go back to you. >> up next, a check of the big stories including breaking news in orange county. >> two men shot outside a restaurant. find out what detectives are saying about the search for the
6:48 am
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fertilizer, at lowe's. oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> several big stories are developing this friday. >> we start with kirsten who is live on orange blossom trail. >> we have been watching for hours as teps have been out here investigating after two people were shot in a parking lot at a restaurant off oak ridge road.
6:51 am
victims was ambushed by at least two suspects in the parking lot and shot. the second victim was an incident bystander. both people were rushed to the hospital and we are told they are going to make it. the two suspects are still on the run. >> also breaking overnight, a dramatic rescue on the indian river after this houseboat started to sink. melbourne police tell us they had to smash the windows of the boat to get out an 81-year-old man and 76-year-old woman who were trapped inside. they were both taken to the hospital. >> mark lehman is live at space view park where we are counting down to a rocket launch potentially. >> the atlas is set to blast after 8:30 if the weather cooperating t. the rocket is taking a new communication satellite into orbit. mission managers gave another update saying there is a 30% chance of good weather at launch time. i can tell you it is very breezy and wind is the major concern.
6:52 am
can see it here on news 6 and on >> mark, we can see that breeze on those trees behind you. a gorgeous shot. it is going to be windy all day today with winds gusting greater than 20 miles an hour even right now. we are at 58 at noon. warming to 61 at 4:00. 57 at 6:00 this evening. much of the day feeling like the 40's and 50's. >> we are definitely finding a build in traffic. take a live look at i-4. those are westbound cars on the right side of your screen moving away. no significant delays. day. >> thank you, amy. we are close to wrapping it up. >> in case you missed it, this one has us smiling. the viral video of the officer playing basketball with a group of gainesville kids who later got a visit from shaq. it gets better. they are going on a vip trip to
6:53 am
the team is sending a bus to pick them up. they'll see the magic play this weekend and none of them have ever been to game. >> i want to jump on that bus. >> it was cool to see the officer dunking for the kids. thank you for joining us. when you are on the go, get breaking news and weather on our website.
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